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Electrical Cable
and Asset
Theft Protection

Cable theft is crippling South Africa:

    • TRANSNET loses R1.6m per day or R584m per year 1
    • TELKOM loses R300,000 per day or R100m per year 2
    • ESKOM loses R5.5m per day or R2,000m per year 3
    • PRASA loses R2.1m per day or R750m per year 4
    • 3 Gauteng Metros lose R1.4m per day or R500m per year 5
    • Copper cables to the value ofR173m was stolen from Gauteng Railway lines 6

That is a total of R3.93b per year – and that is only the cable cost. The true effect of cable theft in loss of production and operations is a factor of 35-50 times the value of the cable. Using the South African factor of loss=39 times cable value, South Africa is losing a staggering R187b per year.

It is time for a better solution.

Bulli T Additional 01
Plus 30 years
24 7 Identification

We physically protect and permanently identify electrical cables.

We extend underground electrical cable productive life with 30+ years.

We can prove beyond doubt (and in court) that your cable or valuable asset belongs to you.