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We protect your electrical cables against theft

We have the solutions that offer world-leading cable theft protection measures that:
1) Destroy the illegal copper resale market
2) Double underground cable life 
3) Physically protect your cables

Cable theft is crippling South Africa:

    • TRANSNET loses R1.6m per day or R584m per year 1
    • TELKOM loses R300,000 per day or R100m per year 2
    • ESKOM loses R5.5m per day or R2,000m per year 3
    • PRASA loses R2.1m per day or R750m per year 4
    • 3 Gauteng Metros lose R1.4m per day or R500m per year 5
    • Copper cables to the value ofR173m was stolen from Gauteng Railway lines 6

That is a total of R3.93b per year – and that is only the cable cost. The true effect of cable theft in loss of production and operations is a factor of 35-50 times the value of the cable.

Using the South African factor of loss=39 times cable value, we are losing a staggering R187b per year.

24 7 Identification
Plus 30 years
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We can prove beyond doubt (and in court) that your cable belongs to you

Proving ownership of stolen electrical cable is impossible for law enforcement officials worldwide. Thieves are caught at great expense and effort – but often the courts cannot convict them because cable ownership cannot be proven.

This ends now.

Our solution lets law enforcement officials identify installed cables with their GPS coordinates, specific cable runs and owners details using a smartphone 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world –  even after insulation has been burnt or stripped off and copper has been granulated. 

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We extend underground electrical cable productive life with 30+ years

Electrical cables manufactured before 1990 incorporated a cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation which was manufactured using a steam curing process which introduced water and ionic impurities into the insulation. This results in electrochemical degradation of underground cable insulation properties. These degradations are known as a water trees.

If not treated, the cable will ultimately spectacularly fail.

We repair water trees by injecting an advanced silane-based rejuvenation fluid into the electrical cable strands which effectively doubles productive electrical cable life by extending useful life with  30+ years, making replacing older cables unnecessary.

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We physically protect cables

Physical protection is your first line of defense against cable theft. We deploy advanced and patented anchoring systems:

 – in trenches

– in and under power stations

– on cable trays

– on racks

– in tunnels

– on cell phone masts

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