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Bulli for Trenches


Bulli protects your cables in the trenches.

Thieves normally short-circuit the cable they want to steal, cut it on both ends and pull out the whole length, often using a vehicle.

  1. The Bulli system anchors the cable in the trench so that it is impossible to easily remove the whole length of cable as before. The system inhibits horizontal movement to prevent pulling the cable out sideways and also limits vertical movement to prevent upward pulling of the cable.
  2. Not being able to pull out the cable, the thieves are now reduced to digging. To make this even more difficult, the Bulli anchors are spaced randomly at an average of 3-5 meters apart. The thieves now do not know how far they will have to dig before they will find the next anchor.
  3. Digging out the cable is hard work, takes time and is noisy. The time taken to unearth the cable now exponentially increases the thieves’ chances of getting caught.

The Bulli trench installation steps

The Bulli  installation process is easy and can be done with unskillled labour

the trench


Dig the cable trench – or dig holes next to the cable to install the posts to secure an already installed cable.
Trenches are normally 500mm-1.2m deep.

Anchor the


Anchor your posts though hammering them into the floor of the trench or dig a hole and use concrete.
Space the posts randomly at an average of 3-5 meters apart.

Fix the Bullies
and secure the cable


Attach the Bulli to the posts while securing the cable.
Tighten the shear nuts until they snap off.
It is now extremely difficult to remove the Bulli and the cable.

the trench


Close the trench back up and compact if required.
Your cable is now secure.

How to install Bulli for trenches

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