CableDNA is poised to take the $1+ trillion world electrical cable theft protection market by storm.

No utility company, mine or government Department
has to be convinced of the necessity of electrical cable protection
– they are experiencing theft on a daily basis.

The patented world-beating CableDNA solutions:
a) allow the positive identification of stolen cable metals (even if insulation is burnt off, the copper granulated or melted into ingots) and destroys the illegal copper resale market by making the copper too risky to buy or sell.
b) extends older (even installed) underground cable life for 30+ years
c) physically protects cables

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Electrical cable theft is a worldwide problem

Copper, one of the world’s most popular and demanded metals, has been the subject of an underground movement that has created an incentive to steal. The U.S. alone reports $1 billion per annum business of copper theft.

Copper demand will outgrow the supply and drive prices up

Since the millennium, there is a rising demand for copper worldwide which will outgrow its supply. The problem is: copper is not being discovered fast enough to meet upcoming demand. A study by Wood Mackenzie found that there will be a 10 million ton supply deficit by 2028. That’s equal to the annual production of the world’s biggest copper mine (Escondida) multiplied by a factor of ten.
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Unemployment will continue to rise

Global unemployment and employment in Africa is on the rise and fuel copper theft read more >

Copper cable theft will increase

Driven by rising unemployment and rising copper prices, electrical cable theft will continue to escalate rapidly read more>

Cable theft protection is no longer optional

Electrical cable protection was historically viewed as an option. Theft protection is now a vital necessity.

CableDNA will provide a unique, triple advantage patented solution which:

1) indelibly and permanently identifies cable to deter thieves and prevent sales of stolen copper

2) efficiently rejuvenates cable to effectively double productive life

3) Physically protects cables

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