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Electrical cable is most vulnerable where it goes into and it leaves the trench. 95% of Cable theft occurs when the thief believes he can gain access to the cable where the channel or cable tray is visible.

Preventing the channels from being destroyed is difficult: thieves are tenacious and break concrete or use hack saws to saw through metal pipes to steal your cable.

We have a very unpleasant surprise for would-be cable thieves.

We now use advanced bank safe technology to protect electrical cables.

Carapax was created by using the technologies used in modern bank safes. 

Ultra High Performance Concrete is:

  • 14 times harder than concrete
  • 7 times harder to break and cut
  • thick enough to resist repeated attempts at destruction
  • armored with thousands of strands of fiber for extra strength
  • All housed in a channel that is thick enough to discourage even the most determined cable thief.

They said it is way over the top – but we are determined to keep your cable safe.

Carapx Concept

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Carapax installation steps

The Carapax installation process is easy and can be done on site with unskillled labour

Connect the external tubes and elbows to form the external housing of the assembly

Carapax Full Length v6

Assemble the internal tubes and elbows and insert in external tube using the endcaps to keep
the internal tube in position. The internal tube will protrude through the encaps after installation.

Carapax 45 Bend v12

Mix the ultra High Performance Concrete according to the instructions.
Add the fibers at the end.


Remove the upper endcap but leave the lower endcap in position. This will contain the UHPC when pouring.

Carapax Full Length v6B

With the lower endcap in place, pour the concrete into the space between the external and internal tubes. Disassemble and reassemble the outter tube during pouring as required.

Carapax 45 Bend v12B

Secure the top part of the assembly in the transformer of with other bully products as necessary.

Us a Bulli Trench assembly to secure the outer tube in the trench. The outer tube should  protrude through the end cap.
Secure the cable with a Bulli Trench assembly.

Carapax Typical installation v9 C

A typical Carapax and Bulli Trench  installation

Typical Carapax Installation
Carapax Typical installation v12
Carapax Typical installation v12b
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